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The company was amazing. Working for the company was very rewarding. They were understanding of my college career and helped work around that. I never felt I was treated poorly while working there. Christian Brothers Auto is all about Integrity.

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During my years with Christian Brothers, I always felt appreciated. They give you all the tools required to succeed! Difficult to get approved jobs. This included a minimum amount of photographs and even a video. Doing these evaluations took a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes and there was no compensation for performing them. Theses evaluations were required wether the customer wanted them or not and often times were done multiple times on the same vehicle.

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To make matters worse jobs that came in later to be done that were based off the time I gambled were given to other technicians. I ended up doing a lot of check outs for free! The owner and management did not value the techs time and gladly gave it away as if it were nothing. This is the one of the best places I have ever worked.

I have never truly felt valued at a work place till I came here. Our franchisee is the most thoughtful and caring person I have ever met. He works as hard as anyone of us.

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He truly values his workers and treats us like family. They have sent me too two training seminars to improve my skill set and to continue to grow at my position. But if god is leading you here I say take a leap of faith and see what could happen. Free lunches, great time off and sick time, great management, weekends off, feeling valued. I love my job and the people I work with. Working near people that have the same goals and the same work ethic is amazing. It is the best company I have ever worked for.

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We are truly here to serve others. I loved working there, the environment is friendly and we all know what goal we are working towards. What is expected of us is clear. It is a great place to work. I don't know why they were doing this, what experienced tech would only turn 30 to 35 hrs? You are expected to be there from the time the doors are open, until the last customer is gone.

There is no staggering of the schedules, so that makes for a long day. The hardest part about the job was the "corporate vibe. If you deviate away from their policies or procedures, you run the risk of getting into trouble, or even being let go from your position.

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The most enjoyable part of the job was Friday, knowing I did not have to work on Saturday's, and also pay day, however, the pay was not conducive to the hours worked, compared to what I was used to making at other repair facilities. Horrible place, terrible management. Nothing christian about this place. They call me to come work there, make a good offer so i quit my good paying job to go there. Nothing to do with the techs.

We dont make the cars come in. So now no job and they wont pay what they still owe. Horrible management. Dont work here. Unless u like ripping people off and lie about the christian part.

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They mean what they say. CBA does a great job of balancing the notion of being a generous company as well as a profitable one. The faith based values aren't just empty words they guide day to day decisions. On the flip side the culture can be tough to break into.

It's not a bad culture per se, but a well established group that know each other outside of work make up much of the leadership. It can often feel like you are working in their inside joke you aren't privy to.

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Great place tk work if you are a tech. Would never work for this organization again. Owners who have no knowledge of Auto service. The techs I worked with were good and did good work, but the organization on the front counter was lacking horrible. CBD Corp controls everything and if your not up to there Standards they don't train you just get rid of you. Great company to work for.