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That quote was directed at a character played by Amanda Seyfried, though, who looks nothing like the "Karen" image the internet typically conjures. The earliest example the contemporary Karen might be Nintendo Switch Karen , which was a Tumblr joke about a woman in the Nintendo Switch trailer who brought the console to a party.

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The jokes mostly cast her as antisocial, but at one point got so intense that mods for the Nintendo Switch subreddit had to ban Karen posts. The top pinned post reminds users not to harass "innocent Karens. Apart from the simple joy of thumbing your nose at the sky, the Tropical Storm Karen memes demonstrate the way meme culture is reshaping language and generating its own stereotypes with its jokes.

Karen is just one newly loaded name, along with Carol, Janet, and Sharon, all hypothetical irritating women with Karen-like qualities, often depicted in supermarkets or at family dinner tables. Stock men are more scarce, but generic dudes Chad and Brad—typically, obnoxious and wealthy bros—have been scorched by many a Twitter burn.

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It's not entirely clear why these names became scapegoats for the internet's semi-ironic ire. It makes sense that memes might cast names traditionally associated with older, wealthier, white people as their antagonists.

Relationships between younger generations and baby boomers aren't exactly stellar. Still, online, you can't discount utter randomness. What is clear, though, is that when the meme machine comes for you, there will be no manager to speak to. Related Stories.

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Topics memes. It is always so much fun when my girls come home from school after sharing these jokes with their friends in the cafeteria. How cool is that? My girls love sharing these jokes with their friends and they often come home telling me all about how so-and-so laughed so hard.

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